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This is a historical website of EANA

current site is here: EANA Website

EANA is participating in
TDP COST Action TD1308
Origins and evolution of life on Earth
and in the Universe (ORIGINS)

                    EANA is participating in the FP7 project AstRoMap

Dear Colleague,

The 14th European Astrobiology Conference (EANA14) will be hosted in Edinburgh by the UK Centre for Astrobiology.


October 13-16, 2014

The conference will focus on ‘Signatures of Life’ examining ways in which life can be detected through atmospheric gases, trace fossils, biosignatures and proposed novel signatures of biological processes (e.g. plate tectonics).  With forthcoming Mars missions, advances in the detection of extrasolar planets and improvements in the study of ancient life in the rock record on Earth, this is an ideal time to examine the state of the art in life detection. Scientists from all disciplines are invited and other topics in astrobiology are welcome.


A limited number of student travel grants are available.

The conference will feature a dinner, whisky and gin tasting, and excellent science.

Registration is open at


We look forward to seeing you next year in Edinburgh!



  1. Stellar Astrophysics Centre Summer School 2014: “Stars, Planets and Life in the Universe”
    Aarhus University, 10‐22 August 2014

  2. 10th International Congress on Extremophiles, Saint Petersburg, Russia, September 7-11, 2014
    "Late breaking" poster abstract submission 31 August, 2014

  3. 18th Evolutionary Biology Meeting, Marseilles, France, September 16-19, 2014
    Early registration deadline: 31 June, 2014

  4. Origins 2014, Nara, Japan, 6-11 July 2014

  5. Summer course on Exoplanets, La Palma, Canary Islands, Spain 24 September -2 October, 2014
    Deadline for applications is 15 July,(23:59 UTC) 2014

  6. Characterizing Planetary Systems Across the HR Diagram, Cambridge, 28 July - 1 August, 2014

  7. COSPAR 2014, Moskow, Russia 2-10 August, 2014

  8. 14th European Workshop on Astrobiology EANA 14, 13-16 October, 2014
    The deadline for abstract submission and registration: 15 August, 2014

  9. 2nd NoR HGT & LUCA conference: The routes of emergence of life from LUCA during the RNA and viral world, University of Leeds, UK 28-29 October, 2014
    The deadline for abstract and poster submission: 31 August, 2014

  10. Astrobiology Graduates in Europe (AbGradE) Symposium, Edinburgh, Scotland 9-10 October, 2014
    Pre-registration is now open:

Documents, Publications, Initiatives

  1. EANA annual report 2012
  2. Stockholm astrobiology declaration on ExoMars
  3. OLEB special issue of EANA’11 presentations
  4. EXPOSE-E Mission on the International Space Station: Special Issue of Astrobiology Journal
  5. Space research in Horizon 2020
  6. Suborbital Research Association

Jobs and opportunities

  1. Postdoctoral opportunity in Geobiology: The search for life on Mars We seek a biogeoscientist for a 3 year postdoctoral position starting in mid 2014.
  2. Postdoctoral position to work on the project: The formation and evolution of mean-motion resonances in planetary systems, CASA*, University of Szczecin, Poland
    The review of applicants will begin on
    May 5, 2014 and continue until the position is filled.
  3. Tenure-Track Faculty Position in Physics (Astrophysics or Planetary Science), University of Northern Florida
    The review of applicants will begin on
    January 20, 2014 and continue until the position is filled.
  4. Posdoctoral Position - Geochemical investigations of Archean drill cores and modern samples of stromatolites and microbial mats, Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris (IPGP) and Synchrotron SOLEIL
    Available immediately

New Books

  1. Habitability of Other Planets and Satellites
    J.-P. de Vera, Institute of Planetary Research, Berlin, Germany; J. Seckbach, The Hebrew Univ. of Jerusalem, Jerusalem, Israel (Eds.)
  2. Astrochemistry and Astrobiology
    Smith, Ian W. M.; Cockell, Charles S.; Leach, Sydney (Eds.)