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Conferences and Events

Please note that these conferences and events are listed in reverse chronological order.

Check also Planetary and Life Sciences Community Meetings Calendar

October 2014:

28- 29 October

2nd NoR HGT & LUCA conference on the routes of emergence of life from LUCA during the RNA and viral world, Leeds, UK, October 28-29, 2014
For more information visit: conference webpage

13 - 16 October

14th European Astrobiology Conference (EANA14), Edinburgh, Scotland
For more information visit: conference webpage

9- 10 October

Astrobiology Graduates in Europe (AbGradE) Symposium, Edinburgh, Scotland
For more information visit: conference webpage

September 2014:

24 September - 2 October

Summer course on Exoplanets, La Palma, Canary Islands, Spain
24 September - 2 October 2014
For more information visit: school webpage

16- 19 September

18th Evolutionary Biology Meeting, Marseilles, France
September 16-19, 2014
For more information visit: conference webpage

7 - 11 September

10th International Congress on Extremophiles, Saint Petersburg, Russia
7-11 September, 2014
For more information visit: http://www.extremophiles2014.ru/

August 2014:

10 - 22 August

Stellar Astrophysics Centre Summer School 2014: “Stars, Planets and Life in the Universe”
Aarhus University, 10‐22 August 2014
For more information visit: school webpage

2 - 10 August

COSPAR 2014, Moskow, Russia
2-10 August, 2014
For more information visit: https://www.cospar-assembly.org

July 2014:

28 July - 1 August

Characterizing Planetary Systems Across the HR Diagram
Cambridge, United Kingdom
For more information visit: http://www.ast.cam.ac.uk/meetings/2014/AcrossHR

6-11 July

Origins 2014, Nara, Japan, 6-11 July 2014
For more information visit: http://www.origin-life.gr.jp/origins2014/index.html

June 2014:

16 - 20 June

ESA/ISGP/CSA Joint Life Sciences Meeting
Waterloo, Canada, 16-20 June 2014
You can find more information at: the conference website

3 - 5 June

2nd Workshop on Mars
Space Research Centre of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Warsaw, Poland
You can find more information in: the first announcement

May 2014:

20-22 May

Biosignatures Across Space and Time, Bergen, Norway, 20-22 May 2014
For more information visit: Web page

March 2014:

17 - 21 March

45th Lunar and Planetary Science Conference,
The Woodlands, Texas, 17-21 March 2014
For more information visit: http://www.hou.usra.edu/meetings/lpsc2014/

17 - 21 March

Search for Life Beyond the Solar System — Exoplanets, Biosignatures and Instruments,
March 17-21, 2014, Tucson, Arizona
For more information visit: http://www.ebi2014.org/EBI2014/Conference_Home.html

February 2014:

18 - 19 February

Science and challenges of lunar sample return
ESA-ESTEC, 18-19 February, 2014
For more information visit: Web page

January 2014:

1 - 14 January

Astrobiology Winter School "Water and the Evolution of Life in the Universe",
Manoa, Hawaii, 1-14 January, 2014
For more information visit: http://www.ifa.hawaii.edu/UHNAI/2014winterschool/apply.cfm

December 2013:

9-13 December

ASTROBIO 2013: “The Distribution of Life on Earth, in the Solar System, and the Galaxy”,
Santiago, Chile, 9-13 December 2013
For further information visit: http://www.astrobio.cl/

9-12 December

2013 AGU Fall Meeting,
San Francisco, CA, USA, December 9-12, 2013
For further information visit: https://fallmeeting.agu.org/2013/

November 2013:

11-15 November

COSPAR is organizing a symposium in Bankok, Thailand, November 11-15, 2013, to promote space research at a regional level in emerging countries. We encourage you to submit oral and poster contributions to the session 4 on Astrobiology. The deadline for abstracts is the June 30 2013.

4. Astrobiology: Origin and Evolution of Habitable Bodies and Life
This session will look at a variety of topics: the creation of habitable conditions on extraterrestrial and extra-solar bodies; water delivery to Earth-like bodies; formation of rocky planets/moons in the habitable zones around single and multiple star systems; conditions and requirements for the emergence of life; the origin of life; early life and limits of life; the search for life in the Universe.

For further information visit: http://www.cospar2013.gistda.or.th

4 - 8 November

University of Santa Clara, Cuba
Deadline for abstract submission: August 30th, 2013
For further information download a file: http://tierra.rediris.es/merge/marte/BioGeoSciences2013_Cuba.pdf
and visit EventDetails

1 - 4 November

International Biogeoscience Conference 2013
November 1-4, 2013, Nagoya, Japan
Deadline for registration: September 15th, 2013
For further information visit: this webpage

October 2013:

14 - 18 October

Fourth Moscow international Solar System Symposium (4M-S3)
October 14-18, 2013, Moskow, Russia
Final registration deadline: 30 September, 2013
For further information visit: http://ms2013.cosmos.ru/

September 2013:

29 September - 3 October

International Conference "Earth Cryology: XXI century”
Pushchino, Russia,
Deadline for registration: May 30, 2013
For further information visit: http://cryosol.ru/index/earth_cryology2013/0-45

23-27 September

International Aeronautical Congress IAC 2013
Beijing, China
Session 5: Astrobiology and Exploration
Astrobiology plays a key role in the preparation of space exploration endeavours to find life in our solar system and beyond. Investigating habitability constraints and instrument technology to search for organic compounds and life provides support to current and future robotic missions to inner and outer solar system bodies as well as human exploration missions targeting the Earth-Moon-Mars space. The session invites papers of astrobiological content supporting space exploration.
Chairmen: Petra Rettberg; Yufen Zhao
Rapporteur: Inge ten Kate
Deadline for abstracts: 21 February 2013
For more information visit: http://www.iac2013.org/dct/page/1

11-14 September

Biannual ELGRA meeting,
Rome, Vatican, Italy
Deadlines for Submission of abstracts: March 31, 2013
Notification of acceptance: June 15, 2013
Early Registration: June 30, 2013
For more information download: this doc document

8-13 September

European Planetary Science Congress 2013 "Chemical Evolution and Early Life". September 8-13, 2013, London, UK
For more information visit: this webpage

5-6 September

1st Horizontal Gene Transfer and the Last Universal Common Ancestor Conference,
The Open University, Milton Keynes, UK
Early Registration: June 30, 2013
For more information visit: http://www.hgts.co.uk

4-6 September

State-of-the-art Astrochemistry Summer School
Paris, France
Deadline for registration: August 1, 2013
For more information visit: http://lassie.u-cergy.fr/astrochem2013/index.html

3-4 September

Presentation Meeting 2013 - L2 and L3 science themes
Paris, France
For more information visit: http://sci.esa.int/Lmissions2013
On the same web page you can also find a pdf "e-book" containing all the White Papers received in response to the Call

August 2013:

25-30 August

Goldschmidt 2013
Florence, Italy
Abstract Deadline: April 12, 2013
For more information visit: http://goldschmidt.info/2013/program/programViewThemes

July 2013:

22-25 July

13th European Workshop on Astrobiology EANA'13
Szczecin, Poland
More information will soon appear on the EANA website: http://www.astrobiologia.pl/eana/
In urgent case please contact: Ewa Szuszkiewicz, e-mail: szusz@fermi.fiz.univ.szczecin.pl

15-20 July

Protostars & Planets VI
Heidelberg, Germany
For more information visit: http://www.mpia-hd.mpg.de/homes/ppvi/index.php

7-13 July

19th IAA Humans in Space Symposium 2013
"Linking the challenges of space exploration with medicine on Earth”
Cologne, Germany
Start of abstract submission and online registration: October 1, 2012
Deadline of abstract submission: February 28,  2013
Deadline of early bird registration fees: April 30,  2013
For more information visit: http://www.his2013.com

3-5 July

8th IAA Symposium on the Future of Space Exploration: Towards the Stars, Turin, Italy
Deadline for abstract submission: 15 March 2013
Notification of acceptance: 15 April, 2013
Submission of camera-ready texts: 31 May, 2013
For more information visit: "http://www.iaaconferences.org/spacemissions2013
You can also download a document (in pdf format) - Call for Papers - directly from here

June 2013:

10-14 June

10th annual Astrobiology Graduate Conference (AbGradCon),
McGill University in Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Deadline for abstract submission: 1 March 2013
More information is available at the conference website:

6-9 June

1st International Workshop on Education in Astrobiology,
Höör, Sweden
Deadline for registration and accommodation booking: 15 April 2013
More information is available at the workshop website:

May 2013:

25-26 May

MARS2013 Science Workshop
Vienna, Austria
Deadline for registration: 10 April 2013
More information is available at the workshop website:

April 2013:

17-19 April

UK Astrobiology Conference 2013
“Molecules and Life in Extremes”
Edinburgh, UK
For more information visit: http://www.astrobiology.ac.uk/astrobiology-conference-2013

2-5 April 2013

Annual Meeting of COST Action
“The Chemical Cosmos: Understanding Chemistry in Astronomical Environments”
Windsor (UK)
Deadline for abstract submission: 8 February 2013.
For more information visit:http://www.isa.au.dk/meetings/chemcos2013/index.asp

March 2013:

18-19 March

Horizon 2020 Workshops on Space Research and Technology Development
Second Workshop: Space Science and Exploration
Deadline for registration: 7 January 2013
For more information visit: http://ec.europa.eu/enterprise/policies/space/research/index_en.htm

8 March

Is a moon necessary for the co-evolution of the biosphere of its host planet?
On day discussion meeting (in association with the Royal Astronomical Society)
Royal Astronomical Society Headquarter, London at 10 am
Deadline for submission of abstracts: 8 January 2013
Abstracts should be sent to: sohan7@ntlworld.com
For more information download RAS_Discussion2.doc and Co-Evo_Poster.jpg

4-8 March

Ganymede Lander Colloquium and Workshop (GLCW)
Deadline for registration (for people with a visa application): 17 December 2012
Deadline to abstract submission: 21 January, 2013
For more information visit:

February 2013:

25 February - 1 March

Extrasolar Planets
Session of the „Fachverband Extraterrestrische Physik“ during the „Jahrestagung der Deutschen Physikalischen Gesellschaft“
Jena, Germany
Deadline for abstract submission: 15 December 2012 through the conference website: https://www.dpg-tagung.de/j13/submission.html
For more information visit: http://jena13.dpg-tagungen.de/index.html

January 2013:

30-31 January

Horizon 2020 Workshops on Space Research and Technology Development
First Workshop: Space Technology for Competitiveness, non-dependence and innovation in Space
Deadline for registration: 7 January 2013
For more information visit: http://ec.europa.eu/enterprise/policies/space/research/index_en.htm

November 2012:

11-14 November

2nd Exobiology workshop of the French Exobiology Society
Fréjus (France)
Deadline for abstract submission: July 14, 2012
Further information is available on the workshop website:

October 2012:

1-5 October

International Astronautical Congress IAC
Naples, Italy
Session A1.5 Astrobiology and Exploration
Astrobiology plays a key role in the preparation of space exploration endeavors to find life in our solar system and beyond. Investigating habitability constraints and instrument technology to search for organic compounds and life provides support to current and future robotic missions to inner and outer solar system bodies as well as human exploration missions targeting the Earth-Moon-Mars space. The session invites papers of astrobiological content supporting space exploration. Co-Chairs Petra Rettberg and Pascale Ehrenfreund
Sessions A3. Space Exploration Symposium
Coordinators: Christian Sallaberger and Bernard Foing
Deadline for abstract submission: 29 February 2012 (14:00 CET)
Deadline for travel grant application: : 1 February 2012
see website: http://www.iafastro.org/index.html?title=ESLgrants
For more information look at the conference website:

15-17 October

12th European Workshop on Astrobiology (Annual Workshop of EANA)
Stockholm, AlbaNova University Centre
The meeting is sponsored jointly by Nordita and the Astrobiology Center in Stockholm.
The dead line for abstract submission for EANA 2012 is extended to June 25
Deadlines for hotel booking: 1 August 2012
Deadline for registration: 15 August 2012
Further information is available at the workshop website:

18-20 October

Workshop of astrobiology
Aviero School, Portugal
The workshop has been postponed!
Astrobiology is an interdisciplinary field of knowledge that deals with fundamental questions such as the possibility of life in other planets and the origins and evolution of life. It involves the collaboration of disciplines like biology, physics, geology, chemistry, planetary sciences and medicine, as well as science communication and education to deal with the following specific issues:
-­Which instruments and techniques are used to investigate life (past and present) on other planetary bodies;
-­Which chemical processes are crucial for life;
-­What are the limits for life on Earth;
-­What can we learn by studding Mars analogue extreme environments on Earth;
-­Which other planets can support Earth-like life;
-­How to improve public engagement with astrobiology.
This workshop is intended to facilitate an international and interdisciplinary forum for discussion. It will focus, as well, in maximizing resources, gathering and sharing expertise. The workshop will be also an excellent platform to introduce astrobiology to university students and researchers of related fields.
For more informations please download ASBIO12_version_4July.pdf file

25-27 October

3rd Conference on Terrestrial Mars Analogues
Marrakech, Morocco
Coorganized by European Space Agency, Agenzia Spaziale Italiana, International Association of Sedimentologits, Ibn Battuta Centre, IRSPS, Universite Cadi Ayyad
For more information visit:http://www.ibnbattutacentre.org/conf/mars2012/

September 2012:

19-21 September

Workshop of the Italian Astrobiology Society
“From Astrophysics to astrochemistry towards astrobiology”
University of Perugia, Perugia, Italy
Further information is available at the congress website:

25-28 September

4th IAA Symposium on Searching for life signatures “SETI San Marino“
Republic of San Marino (Italy), Kursaal Congress Centre

Abstract submission deadline: July 31, 2012
Further information is available on the symposium website:

23-28 September

European Planetary Science Congress 2012
Madrid, Spain

Deadline for session or workshop proposals: 15 February 2012
Deadline for abstract submission: 23 May 2012
Further information is available at the congress website:

3-7 September

Planet Formation and Evolution 2012
8th Conference on Formation and Evolution of Planetary Systems
Munich, Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität Munich
Topic that will be covered include: Solar System Studies
• Extrasolar Planetary Systems
• Planet Formation
• Physics and Evolution of Protoplanetary Disks
• Laboratory Work on Planet Formation
• Evolution of Planetary Systems
• Planetary Atmospheres
Registration is now open. Since we are limited to a maximum of 200 participants (due to the capacity of the lecture hall), early registration is recommended. In the tradition of the former Planet Formation workshops, we plan a low-cost workshop with no (printed) proceedings and no conference fee. Further information is available at the workshop website:

July-August 2012:

24 July - 2 August

Summer School Alpbach 2012 "Exploration of the Giant Planets and their Systems"
Alpbach/Tyrol – Austria
The Summer School is open to 60 selected young science and/or engineering students and graduates from among the member and cooperating states of the European Space Agency (ESA). The working language of the Summer School will be English.
The Summer School Alpbach objectives
The endorsment form duly signed by a University Professor, Head of Department or equivalent, should be submitted to the Aeronautics and Space Agency of FFG before March 31, 2012. The number of participants will be limited to 60 and confirmation of acceptance will be given by the end of April 2012.
Further information under:

July 2012:

14-22 July

39th COSPAR (Committee on Space Research) Scientific Assembly
Mysore, Narayana Murthy Centre of Excellence, Karnataka, India.
The following sessions are of particular interest to the astrobiology community:
B0.2 Mars Exploration, Organizer: R. Stephen Saunders
F3.3 Advanced Instrumentation for Astrobiology: ISS, Mars and Beyond, Organizer: Mary Voytek
B0.6 Astrobiology: Life Signs Detections within Planetary Exploration, Organizer: John Robert Brucato
F3.6 Astrobiology and Astromaterials as Related to Small Bodies, Organizer: Kensei Kobayashi
F3.4 Life in Extreme Environments – Model Systems for Astrobiology, Organizer: Petra Rettberg
F3.2 Prebiotic Chemistry and the Origin of Life, Organizer: Andrew Pohorille
F3.1 Habitability in the Solar System, Organizer: Rafael Navarro-Gonzalez
PEX2: A vision for space exploration: Science as a bridge connecting stakeholders A shared scientific vision focused on the theme of the “origins and evolution of our solar system and life” has the power to unite space exploration stakeholders, challenge scientists, and capture public imagination.  With such a vision in hand, the science community can guide and accelerate a program of robotic and human space exploration, and share the benefits that those activities confer to society.  This scientific focus also has the potential to connect with communities, outside of science, seeking knowledge of extraterrestrial environments and materials and the potential to support humans away from the Earth.  This session will include papers that will examine this vision and explore its implications for future space activities.
Deadline for abstract submission: February 10, 2012.
For more information see: http://www.cospar-assembly.org

June 2012:

18-22 June

International Astrobiology Summer School “Origins of the Building Blocks for Life”
Spanish National University (UIMP), Palacio de Magdalena, Santander, Cantabria, Spain
Deadlines for scholarships application: March 16, 2012 (NAI scholarships) and March 30, 2012 (CIFAR)
For more information and to download the scholarship applications, visit

18-22 June

Life in Space for Life on Earth, Joint Life Science Meeting of the European Space Agency (ESA) and the International Society for Gravitational Physiology (ISGP)
Aberdeen - United Kingdom
Deadline for Abstract Submission: 01 March 2012
Deadline Early Registration fee  14 May 2012 
For more information see: http://congrexprojects.com/12a02/introduction

May-June 2012:

20 May - 2 June

“The Warm Universe - Astrochemistry at Intermediate and Elevated Temperatures”
Tallinn, Estonia
The meeting will be organised as a joint meeting between the COST Action “The Chemical Cosmos: Understanding Chemistry in Astronomical Environments” http://cost.astrochemistry.eu/ and the Nordic Astrobiology Network http://www.physto.se/~wgeppert/Tallinn2012/General.html
Deadline for registration, accommodation booking and abstract submission: 15 April 2012
Further information is available at the workshop website:

May 2012:

22-24 May

Global Space Exploration Conference
Washington, DC
Deadline for Abstract submission: 1 December 2011
Deadline for Early Registration: 20 February 2012
For further information see: http://www.glex2012.org/

21-22 May

Exolife, Workshop on Astrobiology “Extraterrestrial Life – Beyond our Expectations ?
Vienna, European Space Policy Institute (ESPI), Schwarzenbergplatz 6
Chair: Univ.-Prof. Dr. Maria G. Firneis
Co-Chair: Univ.-Prof. Dr. Regina Hitzenberger, University of Vienna, Institute of Astronomy
During these two days the workshop will explore:
Deadline for registration: January 31, 2012
Deadline for abstract submission: March 16, 2012. Please send your abstract via email to http://www.univie.ac.at/EPH/exolife/

April 2012:

22-27 April

European Geosciences Union EGU
Vienna, Austria Center Vienna (ACV) Austria
Deadline for abstract submission: January 17, 2012, 24:00 CET Further information is available at the conference website:
http://www.egu2012.eu/home.html http://www.egu2012.eu/home.html

16-20 April

Astrobiology Science Conference 2012 (AbSciCon 2012) “Exploring Life: Past and Present, Near and Far”
Atlanta, Georgia Tech Hotel and Conference Center, 800 Spring St. NW, GA 30308, USA.
Deadline for abstract submission and Student Travel Grant Application: Jan 31, 2012
Further information is available at the conference website:

October 2011:

3 - 7 October

62nd International Astronautical Congress
Cape Town, South Africa
Abstract Submission: 15 November 2010 - 2 March 2011 (20:00 GMT)
Further information is available at the conference website:

September 2011:

21-24 September

15th International Biodeterioration and Biodegradation Symposium
Vienna (2011)
DL for abstract submission: 28th February 2011
Further information is available at the conference website:

19-23 September

Nitrogen in planetary systems: the early evolution of the atmospheres of terrestrial planets: the role of nitrogen
The COST action CM-0805 ,"The Chemical Cosmos: Understanding Chemistry in Astronomical Environments" covers subjects which are very related to astrobiology, in particular, it working group 3 on condensed matter and planetary systems hold its annual science workshop in Barcelona from September 21 to 23, the theme is "Nitrogen in planetary systems: the early evolution of the atmospheres of terrestrial planets: the role of nitrogen " more information including the oral programme can be found on
Registration is still possible through the meeting site.

19-21 September

Comets, rocks and life
Turku, Finland
DL for registration and abstract submission: 17 August 2011
Further information is available at the conference website:

6-9 September

BiennialELGRA Symposium: 2011
Antwerp, Belgium
The ELGRA (European Low Gravity Association) Symposium is intended as a forum for scientific and technical research in microgravity. Abstracts in the fields of life and physical sciences, material sciences, fluid physics, cell, animal, plant and human physiology as well as biotechnology are welcome. Beside the general subjects mentioned above we want to elaborate more on the next topics:
Deadline for Submission of Abstracts: 15 April, 2011
Deadline for Student Competition: 15 April, 2011
Notification of acceptance: 3 June, 2011
Early Registration: 15 June, 2011
Further information available at the symposium Web site:

4-8 September

4th International Conference on Polar and Alpine Microbiology
Ljubljana, Slovenia
The program will have an exciting mix of topics, from ecology, biodiversity, adaptations, to global warming. A selection of presentations will be published soon afterwards in a special issue of FEMS Microbiology Ecology, entirely devoted to polar and alpine microbiology.
Early bird registration: 18 October 2010 - 31 May 2011
Late registration: 1 June - 4 September 2011
Further information is available at the conference website:

August 2011

22 August - 2 September

European Course of Erasmus Education Programme:
Evolution of the Biosphere: Origins of Life &Life in Space
Banyuls (France)
he aim of this program is to train students (at Master level) in the fields related to environmental topics emphasizing evolutionary aspects from the origins of life until life today. The role of temperature, pressure, gravity and water are of particular interests, specially at a molecular level, and will be presented by teachers expert in these fields. Courses on diverse topics such as life under extreme conditions, genetic modified organisms and artificial life will be presented by international researchers.
Five Universities are involved in this ERASMUS Intensive Program, from Bonn, Firenze, Nottingham, Paris and Valencia. The total number of students is generally around 40. Students from other Universities are welcome, but funding possibilities are limited. ELGRA is supporting students interested in (micro-)gravity related research.
At the end of the program, multinational groups of students will present a project related to Evolution of the Biosphere.
This course is supported by the European Commission, ELGRA (European Low Gravity Research Association http://www.elgra.org/ and ESA (European Space Agency).
Deadline for application is March 31st.
For more information and registration go to:
Clik to download poster in pdf file.

14-19 August

Goldschmidt 2011
Prague Congress Center, Czech Republic
Abstract submission deadline: April 15th, 2011
End of early registration: June 15th, 2011
End of online registration; July 15th, 2011
Further information is available at the conference website:

July 2011:

11-14 July

11th European Workshop on Astrobiology (Annual workshop of EANA)
Planets and life: evolution and distribution
Organized by DLR and the Helmholtz Alliance 'Planetary Evolution and Life'
Köln, Germany
Further information is available at the workshop website:

3-8 July

Origins 2011
ISSOL - The International Astrobiology Society and IAU C51
(Bioastronomy Joint International Conference)
Montpellier, France
Submission of abstracts is open from: 13 December, 2010:
Deadline for early registration: 5 February, 2011
Deadline for collection of abstracts: 19 February 2011
Deadline for registration: 3 June, 2011
Poster of Origins 2011 can be downloaded here
Further information is available at the conference website:

June 2011:

12-21 June

Mars Week in Europe
Lisbon, Portugal
2-13 June: Pre-conference Mars science meetings
13-15 June: International conference on "The exploration of Mars habitability"
16-17 June: 1st International Mars Exploration Program Analysis Group (MEPAG) meeting
18-20/21 June: Field trip to unique geology and acidic environment in Rio Tinto, Spain
More information at:

5-8 June

483. WE-Heraeus Seminar on Extrasolar Planets: Towards Comparative Planetology beyond the Solar System
Physikzentrum Bad Honnef, Germany
This Heraeus seminar aims to address the major lines of research in extrasolar planets, from planet detection, planet formation up to the investigation of the planet’s nature by studying orbital evolution, interior structure and composition, atmospheres, and a discussion on habitability and biomarker concepts. The Heraeus seminar furthermore aims at introducing young researchers to the still quickly growing field of exoplanet research.
Participants are selected based on a short application and, if applicable, their poster abstract.
Further information is available at the conference website:

May 2011:

17 - 19 May

7th International bMicrobial Space Workshop
Clermont-Ferrand, France

The following themes will be covered
  • Microbial contamination survey
  • Space flight experiments: effects of microgravity and cosmic radiation on microorganisms
  • Planetary protection
  • Astrobiology and Extremophiles
  • Life support system
  • Regenerative life support system (e.g. MELiSSA)
  • Food microbiology
DL for abstracts: February 1, 2011
Further information is available at the conference website:

12 - 13 May

Lets embrace space - FP7 space conference 2011
Budapest, Hungary

Organized by the European Commission
Further information is available at the conference website:

2 - 4 May

3rd ARA Days Conference
Atmospheric Reentry Association
Arcachon, France
Further information is available at the conference website:

2 - 3 May

Workshop on Future Human Spaceflight and Exploration Scenario
ESRIN, Frascati, Italy

On behalf of the Organising Committee: Raffaella Pappalardo
ESA - European Space Agency
Website will be announced soon.

April 2011:

11 - 15 April

18th IAA Humans in Space Symposium
Westin Galleria Hotel in Houston, Texas, USA
The theme of the symposium is “Integration and Cooperation in the Next Golden Age of Human Space Flight.” The program will emphasize the search for synergies between the traditional biomedical disciplines to provide new insights for the next generation of investigators, spacecraft designers, mission planners, and space explorers. The symposium includes also sessions on astrobiology and space exploration and planetary protection.
Abstract Submission Deadline: December 3, 2010
Youth Art Competition Submission Deadline: December 3, 2010
Early Registration Deadline: February 11, 2011
Registration and Hotel Deadline: March 11, 2011
Further information is available at the conference website:

3 - 8 April

European Geosciences Union General Assembly 2011
Vienna, Austria
The EGU General Assembly 2011 will bring together geoscientists from all over the world into one meeting covering all disciplines of the Earth, Planetary and Space Sciences. Especially for young scientists the EGU appeals to provide a forum to present their work and discuss their ideas with experts in all fields of geosciences.
With sessions: PS 1.0 Exploring the Solar System : Missions, Techniques and policy:
The brines of Mars and their implications for geochemistry and habitability
Financial support deadline: 03 December 2010, 24:00
Abstract deadline: 10 January 2011, 24:00
Pre-Registration Deadline: 28 February 2011
Further information is available at the conference website:

March 2011:

30 March - 08 April

Alpine Salt 2011
A workshop on Alpine Evaporites and Tectonomechanics Colloquium
Salzburg, Austria
The geologists at the University of Salzburg are holding a workshop on Alpine Salt, which will include a session on the microbiology of evaporites. This meeting precedes the European Geosciences Union General Assembly in Vienna, Austria (April 3-8, 2011) and might be of interest to EGU participants. An excursion to a salt mine and a gypsum quarry is planned. Abstract deadline: February 15, 2011.
Further information:
Professor Franz Neubauer (Franz.Neubauer{at}sbg.ac.at);
Scientist Christoph Leitner (Christoph.Leitner{at}sbg.ac.at);
Secretary Claudia Esterbauer (Claudia.Esterbauer{at}sbg.ac.at).
Further information is available on PDF poster AlpineSaltTecMec2011workshop.pdf

February 2011:

21 - 22 February

The chemical origins of life and its early evolution
Discussion meeting hosted by the Royal Society in the UK
Venue: The Royal Society, London
Online pre-registration and draft program available at:

15 - 17 February

The International Space Station: Maximizing the Return from Extended Operations
nternational Space University, Parc d'Innovation, 1 rue Jean-Dominique Cassini, 67400 Illkirch-Graffenstaden, France
Each year, the International Space University (ISU) organizes a three day symposium addressing a topical theme from an interdisciplinary and international perspective. These symposia attract an audience of around 200 members of the space sector from agencies, industry and academia worldwide.
Deadline for Abstracts: 8 October 2010.
Preliminary Program Issue: 4 December 2010
Early Registration Deadline: 21 January 2011
Further information is available at the conference website:

14 - 17 February

7th Planet Formation Workshop
Georg-August-University Goettingen (Germany)
PRE-REGISTRATION not later than JUNE 1st, 2010.
Further information is available at the workshop website:

7-9 February

Geobiology in Space Exploration is a meeting of talks and discussions to understand the full range of the contributions of geobiology to space exploration and settlement. It has two core purposes: 1) To contribute to building the community of people working in geobiology and applying it to space sciences and exploration, 2) To develop a strategic document on the range of geobiology applications and possible space missions for ESA. The meeting is organised by the European Space Agency (ESA) Topical Team 'Geomicrobiology for Space Settlement and Exploration (GESSE)'. The topical team was set up in 2009 to investigate and develop new opportunities for geobiology in space - from life detection to practical applications of geobiology and geomicrobiology in human space exploration. This meeting will be the fourth topical team meeting, but has been organised as a community workshop to achieve the objectives set out above
Place: Marrakech, Morocco
For further information visit the website:

November 2010:

8-10 November

MicroPerm Workshop, An international workshop to initiate the circumpolar integration of permafrost microbiological studies
Potsdam, Germany
Deadline for registration and abstract submission: 10 September 2010 Further information is available at the workshop website:

October 2010:

4-5 October

Kavli Royal Society
International Centre at Chicheley Hall, Buckinghamshire, UK
"Towards a scientic and societal agenda on extra-terrestrial life"
Debates will focus on 4 panel
   1) Calling ET, or not even answering the phone?
   2) Societal questions raised by the detection of extra-terrestrial life
   3) What could studies of extra-terrestrial life tell us about the future of humanity?
   4) Extra-terrestrial life and arising political issues for the UN agenda
Further information is available at the website:

6-7 October

2nd IAA Symposium on Searching for Life Signatures,
Kavli Royal Society International Centre (Chicheley Hall, Buckinghamshire, United Kingdom
Further information is available at the website:

September 2010:

27 September - 1 October

61st International Astronautical Conference
The deadline for abstracts for the International Astronautical Congress in Prague, 27 September - 1 October 2010 is approaching March 5.
Please visit http://www.iac2010.cz/en/programme
Please consider to submit an abstract to the sessions:
A1.5. Astrobiology and Exploration
A new era of space exploration will soon expand into a global endeavour to achieve highly ambitious goals such as establishing human bases on the Moon, journeys to Mars and the construction of new infrastructures in space. Astrobiology plays a key role in the strategic search for organic compounds and life on Mars and other planetary objects in our solar system and can provide support in the preparation of human exploration endeavours. The session invites papers of astrobiological content supporting future robotic and human exploration missions.
   Pascale Ehrenfreund
   Space Policy Institute, George Washington University — UNITED STATES
   Email: pehren@gwu.edu
Gerda Horneck
Deutsches Zentrum für Luft und Raumfahrt e.V. (DLR) — GERMANY
Email: gerda.horneck@dlr.de
   Catharine A. Conley
   National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)/Headquarters — UNITED STATES
   Email: Cassie.Conley@nasa.gov
Deadline for abstract submission; 5 March 2010
Further information is available at the conference website:

20-24 September

European Planetary Science Congress 2010 - EPSC
Rome, Largo Angelicum, Italy
The following sessions are of special interest to astrobiology:
OEA – Origins, Exoplanets and Astrobiology
OEA1 - Chemical evolution and early planetary life
OEA2 - Extremophilic microorganisms on and below planetary surfaces
OEA3 - Probing the atmospheres of extrasolar worlds: from gas-giants to Super-Earths
OEA4 - Stars, Planets and Habitability
OEA5 - Comparative planetology beyond the Solar System
OEA6 - Planetary Formation
Abstract deadline: 26 May, 2010
More informatoin see: www.meetings.copernicus.org/epsc2010/

6-8 September

10th European Workshop on Astrobiology (EANA’10)
Pushchino, Moscow Region, Russia
Follow link to see EANA 2010 poster
To see photo gallery

The 10th European Workshop on Astrobiology EANA’10 took place from September 6 to 8, 2010, in Pushchino, Russia. EANA ’10 was hosted by the Russian Academy of Sciences and our Russian members Anatolyi Pavlov and David Gilichinsky at the Institute of Physicochemical and Biological Problems in Soil Science in Pushchino. EANA ’10 was sponsored by the Russian Academy of Sciences, ESA, and Russian Foundation for Basic Research. The support made it possible to provide travel grants to 20 students and young scientists from 8 countries for attending EANA ’10. Thanks to the sponsorship of the publishers Springer, Cambridge UP and Wiley VCH, we were able to provide astrobiology book awards for the best posters to young scientists as follows:
  • Bibiana Fichtinger, Austria “Using extreme solar events as proxy for the active young sun: implications for planetary atmosphere evolution”<\li>
  • Maya Petrova, Russia “Genetic characteristics of ancient permafrost bactereia as compared with modern day soil and water bacteria´”
  • Attila Bérces, Hungary “Preparation and evaluation o the experiment PUR for the modified requests of EXPOSE-R consortium”
  • Mitra Hajigholi, Sweden, “The seasonal behaviour of ice craters at the Martian northern polar region”
  • Johannes Leitner, Austria “Solvents of interest for exotic life on planetary bodies in life supporting zones around main sequence stars”
The draft program of oral and poster sessions is available at the website:
Deadline for abstract submission: June 4, 2010
Deadline for travel grant applications: June 4, 2010
Further information is available at the conference website:
or mail to: Anatoli Pavlov, Russian representative at EANA
and David Gilichinski
Contact person for receiving the travel grant applications: Beda Hofmann

August 2010

19-23 August

12th International Conference on the Synthesis and Simulation of Living Systems
Odense, Denmark
Deadline for paper submission: March 31, 2010
Further information is available at the conference website:
with a workshop on Molecular Self-organization, Molecular Evolution and Prebiotic Chemistry,
for further infomation see:

8-13 August

American Geophysical Union (AGU) 2010 The Meeting of the Americas
Foz do Iguaçu, Brazil
With a session on 'Astrobiology and prebiotic chemistry'
Deadline for abstract submission: March 31, 2010
Further information is available at the conference website:

July 2010

18-25 July

38th Scientific Assembly of the Committee on Space Research (COSPAR)
Bremen, Germany
Deadline for abstract submission extended to February 26, 2010
Deadline for receipt of financial support application: February 19, 2010.
Sessions of special interest to Astrobiology:
B. Space Studies of the Earth-Moon System, Planets, and Small Bodies of the Solar System
B01     Moon Exploration: Science Results, Missions, Technologies, Robotic Village, International Lunar Base
B02     Mars Exploration
B03     Active Satellites in the Outer Solar System: Enceladus, Titan, Io, etc. - Implications and Consequences
B04     Small Body Exploration: Past, Present, and Future Space Missions
B05     Planetary and Interplanetary Dust: Observations and Modelling
B06     Evolution of Planets and Evolution of Life
B07     The New Exploration of Mercury
B08     Laboratory Studies of Solar System Processes
B09     Planetary Space Sciences and Data Management
B10     Highlights in Solar System Space Research
F. Life Sciences as Related to Space
F24     Space Radiation Dosimetry in LEO and Beyond
F31     Astrobiology and Astromaterials as Related to Small Bodies
F32     Recent Advances in Chemistry and the Origin of Life
F33     Recent Advances in Instrumentation for Astrobiology
F34     Habitability of Mars
F35     Life in Extreme Environments - Model Systems for Astrobiology
F36     Life inside Refrigerators - Satellites of Giant Planets
PEX1     Protecting the Lunar and Martian Environments for Scientific Research
PE1     Key Issues in Education for Space Sciences in the Scientific Environment
PPP1     COSPAR Planetary Protection Policy and Implementation Guidelines
PPP2     Planetary Protection Mission Implementation and Status
PPP3     Planetary Protection Research and Development Activities
Further information is available at the conference website:

June 2010

28 June - 3rd July

CAREX summer school
Pieve Tesino (Italian Alps)
With focus on an ecosystem based approach to research on life in extreme environments
Deadline for application: April 1st, 2010
More information at CAREX_Summer_School_Call.pdf and

15-18 June

CAREX Field trip in Iceland
Participants will interact in a field setting to deploy instruments, demonstrate the use of selected technologies, compare methodologies, exchange research experiences and help promote harmonisation of techniques and methodologies. Study sites include hot spring area and a glacier. The CAREX project will cover travel, subsistence and logistic costs related to the participation of the selected participants
DL for applications: 1 April 2010
More details and call info:

June 14-18

Astrobiology Graduate Conference (AbGradCon)
Tällberg, Sweden
In 2010, AbGradCon, the foremost astrobiology meeting for early-career researchers, will be held in Europe for the first time in its history. Graduate students and early-career postdocs from all over the world will come together to present their research in a comfortable environment, to learn of the latest developments in astrobiology, to network and to forge new collaborations. The meeting will comprise oral and poster presentations, half-day workshops and a one-day field trip to geologically instructive sites in the astrobiologically interesting Siljan impact crater. Attendees are encouraged from the very wide range of subjects pertinent to astrobiology. Financial assistance will be available to invited attendees.
Further information is available at the conference website:
Deadline for receiving abstracts: 28 February 2010
For graduate students and early career scientists that are selected for talk and poster presentations full funding for accommodation and meals as well as travel bursaries are available

13-18 June

Trieste, Italy
31st Annual ISGP Meeting, 11th ESA Life Sciences Symposium, 5th ISSBB Symposium ELGRA Symposium
Topics covered:
. The effects of changes in magnitude and direction of the force environment on the physiology and behaviour of humans, animals, plants and cells
. The effects of weightlessness during spaceflight
. Acute and chronic acceleration
. Impact, vibration and the various forms of simulated evolutionary consequences of gravity
. The role of gravity in the manifestation of scale effects in animals and plants
. Hypergravity and other countermeasures to microgravity
. Simulation of Lunar/Mars habitat
. Altered gravity effects for experimental medicine
. Translational research: from space research to population benefit
Deadline for abstract submission extended to March 15, 2010
Further information is available at the conference website:

May 2010

31 May - 4 June

6th International conference Cities of Volcanoes *COV6-Tenerife 2010*
Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain

With the session 3.7 on
The use of the Earth’s volcanic record in the search for extraterrestrial life.
at the Symposium 3: How to live with volcanoes: the opportunities
Deadline for abstract submission: February 28, 2010
Further information is available at the conference website:

26-28 May

3rd Workshop of the Italian Astrobiology Society
"When Darwin meets Copernicus"
Duino-Aurisina, Trieste, Italy

The workshop will provide an excellent opportunity for scientists sharing a common interest in astrobiology to convene in a friendly, cross-cultural environment at the border between Life, Space and Earth Sciences.
For more details visit:
E-mail: strobioTS10@oats.inaf.it

2-7 May

European Geosciences Union - EGU, General Assembly 2010
Vienna, Austria
Deadline for abstract submission: 18 January 2010 Sessions of special interest to Astrobiology:
US5: Early Earth and early biosphere (by invitation only), Convener: Emmanuelle J. Javaux
PS – Planetary & Solar System Sciences:
PS1 – Solar System exploration and techniques
PS2 – Terrestrial Planets
PS3 – Outer planets
PS4 – Small bodies and dust
PS5 – Plasmas and magnetospheres
PS6 – Exoplanets
PS7 – Modelling and experimental work in Planetology
PS8 – Origins and Astrobiology
BG8.1 Traces of the early biosphere
PS8.4/BG8.2 : Mars as a habitat
PS9 – Joint Sessions
Further information is available at the conference website:

April 2010:

26-29 April

AbSciCon – Astrobiology Science Conference
League City, Texas, USA
Abstract Deadline: December 3, 2009
The theme for AbSciCon 2010 is “Evolution and Life: Surviving Catastrophes and Extremes on Earth and Beyond.” The conference will address, among other things, how environmental, chemical, biological, physical, and even social stresses, ranging in scale from the infinitesimal to the catastrophic, affect the pace and course of evolutionary change.
The NASA Astrobiology Institute is offering funding for students and postdocs to attend the Astrobiology Science Conference (AbSciCon) 2010 in League City, Texas, on April 26-29, 2010. Undergraduates, graduate students, and postdocs are eligible to apply for funding.
The deadline for applications is Friday, March 5. Award decisions will be made and applicants notified by Friday, March 19.
More information and an application form is posted on the NAI website at
Please direct any comments or questions to Wendy Dolci:
Further information is available at the conference website:

19-21 April

ISS 2010 Symposium
The ISS Symposium, celebrating 10 years of the International Space Station, is a high level international gathering that will mark this exciting moment between accomplishments and future, bolder objectives.
For more information and registration, please check the website: www.iss2010symposium.com
user: iss2010
password: berlin

15-19 April

Jahrestagung der Deutsche Physikalische Gesellschaft
Bonn, Germany
Deadline for abstract submission: 15 December 2009
DPG Fachverband Extraterrestrische Physik (EP) und Arbeitsgemeinschaft Extraterrestrische Forschung (AEF) e.V. gemeinsam mit der Astronomischen Gesellschaft e.V.
Symposium Extrasolare Welten (SYEW) on March 17 with presentations:
Extrasolar Planets — ∙Artie Hatzes
Gravitational Microlensing: A powerful method for the detection of extrasolar planets — ∙Joachim Wambsganss
The Formation of Planets — ∙Wilhelm Kley
Von der Habitabilität zur Entstehung und Evolution des Lebens —Gerda Horneck, ∙Petra Rettberg
Further information is available at the conference website:

October 2009:

12-14 October

9th European Workshop on Astrobiology EANA'09
Brussels, Belgium
Now you can download Report_EANA_09.pdf

Items to be coverded include:
1. Astrophysics, astrochemistry
2. Planets (atmosphere, interior, geology)
4. Life in extreme environments
5. Human space missions
6. In homage to Darwin’s theory of evolution: from chemistry to life (prebiotic chemistry and early biosphere)
7. Planetary protection
EANA 2009 in Brussel

12-16 October 2009

60th International Astronautical Congress
Daejeon, Republic of Korea

Deadline for abstract submission: March 2, 2009
More information:
E-mail: secretariat.iaf@iafastro.org

September 2009:

14-18 September

European Planetary Science Congress 2009
Potsdam, Germany

Dead line for abstract submission has been extended to 29 May 2009
There is also still time to apply for student bursaries.

More information: http://meetings.copernicus.org/epsc2009
The EPSC 2009 covers the full scope of planetary science, such as
  -  Terrestrial Planets
  -  Giant Planet Systems
  -  Magnetospheres
  -  Missions and Techniques
  -  Origins
  -  Outreach and Amateur Astronomy
  -  Small Bodies and Planetary Moons
  -  Laboratory and Field Investigations
It includes several sessions of high interest to Astrobiology. An example is the Group of Origins session:

Origin and Evolution of Planetary Atmospheres and Life
Covener: H. Lammer  |  Co-Convener: H. Rauer

Early evolution of the solar system, meteorites, accretion and
differentiation of terrestrial planets
Covener: G. Quitté  |  Co-Convener: R. Ziethe

Radiation and Origin and Evolution of Life
Covener: G. Horneck  |  Co-Convener: P. Rettberg

Mars as a habitat
Covener: C. Muller

Astrobiology and habitability of icy moons
Covener: F. Raulin  |  Co-Convener: O. Grasset

Physical foundations for origin and formation of planetary systems
Covener: A.M. Krot  |  Co-Convener: C. Broeg

August 2009:

26-92 August

37th Annual Meeting of the
European Radiation Research Society
Please have a look at our webpage www.err09.org, and register in time before the end of may 2009

The meeting will offer an interesting program on topics such as:
- Radiation Physics
- Radiation Chemistry
- DNA repair
- Molecular targets for radio-enhancement, radiation sensitivity
- Genetic instability, bystander effect and radio-adaptation
- Stem cells
- Radiation carcinogenesis
- Biological dosimetry
- Radiation protection, accidents and consequence management
- Pharmacological modulation of radiation damage
- Radiotherapy
- Normal tissue damage
- Non-ionizing radiation
- Radioecology
- Heavy ions
Leading radiation scientists from Europe and the USA have agreed to give key note lectures.
There will also be a very pleasant social program with
- a sightseeing tour of historic Prague,
- a visit to the Carolinum, the building of the oldest university north of the Alps, Charles University, which was founded in 1348, and
- an evening party in the cloister brewery Strahov, founded in 1628.

24-28 August

SpaceLife summer school
"Living with a Star: Basics in Space Life Sciences"
Bad Honnef, Germany

Dead line for application: June 30,2009
More information under: http://www.dlr.de/me/desktopdefault.aspx/tabid-5618/
The SpaceLife summer school is part of the graduate program "SpaceLife" of DLR in cooperation with universities in Germany, Switzerland and China: www.DLR.de/me/SpaceLife
Lectures at the summer school are on:
- Astrobiology
- Space medicine
- Particle radiation
- Gravitational Biology

June 2009:

23-25 June

European Science Foundation Exploratory Workshop (ESFEW)
The theme of this ESFEW is 'Biosignatures on exoplanets'. The discovery of nearly 300 exoplanets is one of the most exciting fields of modern astronomy and recent observations of the atmosphere such planets has opened a new field of 'exoplanetary science'. Thus it is now opportune to look forward and consider how we might search for characteristic (spectral) signatures that will identify the presence of life on such exoplanets. This is also timely since the next generation of telescopes provide the prospect of detecting the smaller, more Earth-like exoplanets whose atmospheres may be explored for 'biosignatures'.
For more information e-mail to Professor Nigel J Mason

22-26 June 2009

Goldschmidt 2009
Davos Goldschmidt, Switzerland
Goldschmidt2008 looks set to be a great meeting. We are now planning for 2009.

The 2009 science program has been split into 20 different themes.
147 members of an outstanding international science panel have proposed over 100 focused sessions within these themes. These can now be seen on the Goldschmidt2009 website:
One of the sessions will be "Current and Future Life Detection Missions in the Solar System" and we invite contributions on the detection of extant and extinct life in planetary bodies of our Solar System. In particular, we welcome papers that discuss detection methods of biosignatures, as well as the latest mission instrumentation designed for in-situ life detection.
For more details visit website: www.goldschmidt2009.org
or e-mail to: info@goldschmidt2009.org

7-11 June 2009

17th IAA Humans in Space Symposium
Moscow, Russia

Deadline for abstract submission extended to 16 February 2009
More information: iaa-his2009.imbp.ru
E-mail: iaa-his2009@imbp.ru

May 2009:

27 May - 19 June

NASA Space Radiation Summer School

Up to 15 students will be selected for the course to be held next summer at the Brookhaven National Laboratory (BNL) in Long Island, New York from May 27 - June 19, 2009. The goal of the course is to provide scientific and practical information to students and scientists who are either new to the NASA program or to charged particle radiobiology. At the completion of the summer school, students will have received the full complement of training required to conduct their own experiments at BNL.
A course syllabus and faculty list from the 2008 course may be found at:
www.bnl.gov/medical/nasa/NSRSS/2008/NSRSS_2008_default.asp Application information may be found online at www.dsls.usra.edu/spacerad/2009/application.html.
The Online Application Deadline is 11:59 p.m. Central Time on February 28, 2009.
Student Selection Announcement is expected in Mid-March

April 2009:

19-24 April 2009

Traces of life from cells to planets in the General Assembly 2009 (EGU2009)
Vienna, Austria
The search for life in early Earth rocks and beyond Earth requires the characterization of biosignatures. Under what conditions do cells with varying biochemical properties preserve? How do processes of decay and preservation retain, obliterate or alter original biological properties? How can we tell biological from non-biological? At a global scale, what are the consequences of early life diversification on planet Earth? How would Earth be like without life? To address these questions about traces of life from the cellular to the planetary scale, we welcome contributions about morphological, chemical, isotopic signatures of life in various past and modern environmental conditions, as well as potential abiotic signatures that mimic biological processes.

The deadline for the receipt of Abstracts is 13 Jan 2009.
In case that you would like to apply for a support, please submit not later than 07 Dec 2008.
For more informations please visit Conference website