EANA: Electromagnetic Techniques

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Electromagnetic Techniques

Full title: Response of Organisms to the Martian Environment (ROME)

The group wishes to investigate the biological effects on organisms of the combined physical and chemical extremes found on the Martian surface: low temperatures, UV radiation, low pressure, and dissecation. Their work will help to evaluate the potential for contamination of Mars by terrestrial species transported on lander spacecraft.

Additionally, it will be of importance to determine the effect of the Martian environment on putative extinct or extant microbes; this, in turn, may prove useful for identifying promising micro-habitats to search for signs of life on the red planet. This Topical Team will coordinate the studies performed on Mars simulation facilities across Europe, providing cohesion in European efforts to study the effect of the Mars environment on biological systems.

Topical Team members:
C.Cockell (UK),
G. Horneck (D),
A. Airo (D),
A. Brack (F),
C. Cordoba-Jabonero (E),
G. Dieckmann (D),
H. Edwards (UK),
D. Häder (D),
E. Helmke (D),
H. Kochan (D),
C. Kolb (A),
H. Lammer (A),
D. Möhlmann (D),
H. Stan-Lotter (A),
F. Westall (F)