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European Astrobiology websites (EANA members):

Finish Astrobiology Network (FAN)

GDR Exobio Website:

Swedish Astrobiology Network (SWAN)

Astrobiology society of Britain web site:

European websites:
Astrochemistry (Leiden)
BAS LATEST Astrobiology Programme
Beagle2 Mars Mission (UK)
Biopan and STONE (Russian exobiology co-operation)
British Antarctic Survey
CAB Website

Cassini / Huygens Mission
ESA (European Space Agency)
ESA Directorate of Human Spaceflight
ESA Science Website
ESA supported live astrobiology lectures start third season
ESA Institute for Exo-Astrobiology
ESA Image Gallery
ESA Solar System Division
ESTEC Homepage
ESRIN Frascati Homepage
European Geophysical Society
European Science Foundation LINKECOL Programme
European Space Science Committee
International Space Station Homepage
French Exobiology Research Group
International Space Station Science
ITASEL (Italian Search for Extraterrestrial Life)
ISS Space Exposure Biology Assembly
Planetary and Space Sciences Research Institute (UK)
PSRI Missions Page
Spanish Programme: Signs of Life on Mars (SOLOM)
Swedish Astrobiology Research
UK Exobiology Network

EC and ESF projects of interest to astrobiology
1. CAREX, EC project in FP7
(Coordination Action for Research Activities on life in Extreme Environments) that tackles the issues of enhancing coordination of research on life in extreme environments in Europe by providing networking and exchange of knowledge opportunities to the scientific community and by developing a strategic European research agenda in the field:
2. EuroPlaNet EC porject in FP6
a European network for the development of Planetary Sciences in Europe (EuroPlaNet) that co-ordinates activities in Planetary Sciences in order to achieve a long-term integration of this discipline in Europe:
3. COST Project in FP7
"The Chemical Cosmos; Understanding Chemistry in Astronomical Environments".
Point of contact is Nigel Mason

NASA websites:
NAI - Nasa Astrobiology Instytute
NASA - international partners
Committee on the Origins and Evolution of Life
Compendium of NASA Web addresses
NASA Astrobiology Institute
NASA Astrobiology Roadmap
NASA Ames Astrobiology
NASA Astrobiology Academy
NASA Exobiology Website
NASA Ames Astrochemistry
NASA Goddard Space Flight Center
NASA Life Sciences Division
NASA Origins Website
NASA Space Science Home Page
NASA Space Science EducationResource Directory
NASA Subject Index
NASA Specialized Center of Research and Training (NSCORT/Exobiology)
NASA Watch (Missions and Policy)
NASA Johnson Space Center Home Page
NASA Planetary Photojournal (images)
NASA Planetary Image Atlas
NAI Image Gallery
Search the NASA Web
SETI Institute Homepage
Mission Launches
Jet Propolsion Laboratory (JPL)
JPL Center for Space Microelectronics Home Page
Lunar and Planetary Institute (LPI, Houston)
LPI Index

Life on Mars
Life on Mars Website
Mars Compendium of Sites
Mars Exploration Program - JPL
Mars Global Surveyor
Mars Orbiter Camera (MOC) Image Directory
Mars Orbiter Laser Altimeter (MOLA)
Mars Meteorite Homepage (JPL)
Mars Surveyor 2003 Landing Sites
Marsbugs electronic Astrobiology Newsletter
Mars Fact Sheet (NASA)
Center for Mars Exploration (NASA)
Mars Rover Science Directory
The Whole Mars Catalogue
The Haughton Mars Project (Arctic)

Origin of Life
Astrobiology Directory
Cyanosite - Cyanobacteria Website
Directory of Halophile Specialists
Halophiles and their habitats
Lake Vostok, Antarctica
ISSOL Society
Life in Extreme Environments
Life in Extreme Environments Programmes
McMurdo Long Term Ecological Research site
Microbiology Network
National Science Foundation (NSF) Polar Programs
Origins of Life
Origins of Live (JPL)
Origins of Life links
Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research (SCAR)
Space Views (Online News Journal)
Terrestrial Extreme Environments Index
The Astrobiology Web