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David Gilichinsky (25.2.1948-17.2.2012) in memoriam

The European Astrobiology Network Association (EANA) announces with great sadness that our member of the Executive Committee of EANA, David Gilichinsky, Head of the Geocryology Laboratory, Institute of Physico-chemical and Biological Problems of Soil Science, Russian Academy of Sciences, Pushchino, Russia, has passed away on February 17, 2012. David was a great pioneer in permafrost ecology, a wonderful colleague and a good friend of many of us. His in depth interest in geocryology has built the bridge from Earth-based research towards its application in space research, especially in view of the habitability of Mars. With this, David was an enthusiastic supporter of astrobiology. We will not forget his excellent organising ability and his warm hospitality during the 10th European Workshop on Astrobiology in September 2010 in Pushchino, which he organized, and where we all felt so much welcome. Our thoughts and sympathy are with his wife, Elisaveta Rivkina, his children and grand children.
We have lost a great supporter to astrobiology.
We will continue in his spirit

Gerda Horneck
President of EANA