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Astrobiology Lecture Course Network (ABC-Net)

Astrobiology Lecture Course Network (ABC-Net) is successfully running this winter semester (2012/2013). The full program of the lectures can be obtained here:
programme 2012/2013

The lectures are available at:
ABC-Net 2012/2013

Astrobiology Lecture Course Network (ABC-Net) was successfully running also in the past. The lectures are available at:

ESA Human Spaceflight and Exploration- Education (article and link) or Parsec Infotech (article and link)

ABC-Net lectures (direct link).

You will be asked to register but the registration is free.

2007/2008 ABC-Net lectures

2005/2006 The material has been presented in the book Horneck G. and Rettberg, P. (ed.) Complete course in astrobiology, 2007, ISBN: 978-3-527-40660-9, Wiley-VCH.