EANA: Upper Boundary of the Biosphere

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Upper Boundary of the Biosphere

Full title: Upper Boundary of the Biosphere

Little is known about the populations inhabiting the upper reaches of Earth's atmosphere. This Topical Team will develop a strategy for determining the vertical profile of biota in our atmosphere. It will outline a program based on aerosol sampling by high-flying airplanes, balloons, sounding rockets, satellites, and the International Space Station; as well as studies in ground-based simulation facilities. This work will contribute to: 1) understand how life adapts to extreme environments; 2) better establish the distribution of life in planets and the possibility of organisms to escape their parent body; and 3) map the aerial migration of microbes around the globe, a subject of health and ecological interest.

Topical Team members:
H.-C. Flemming (D),
C. S. Cockell (UK),
G. Horneck (D),
A. Leis (D),
R. Niessner (D),
G. Reitz (D),
E. Stackebrandt (D)